Tips to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

15, May 2016

You have created a beautiful user friendly and informative website with awesome content, and people started to visit you site.

Now the thing is to make them engaged to the website, or you want conversion and share up.

Below we explains few of the practical tips for user engagement, keep this as a reference and make sure your site ticks all the boxes…. let’s begin

1) Use Peer Pressure Positively

Responding to peer pressure is part of human nature, Generate Positive peer pressure by showing people your site or brand is popular through either a
visit/share counter.This in turn will lead your readers to share your site with their friends as well.
Use this method frequently.

For example, McDonalds has“over 99 billion served” written on their signage. This tells you, hey McDonalds is popular with a lot of people, and
therefore, it must be good.

2.) The Emotional Connection

The idea is to showcase your passion through your site, and grab your reader’s emotionally. This in turn will lead to an increase website engagement.
After all, research has shown people will share content that sparks positive emotion more than other types of content.

In fact, graphs and tables can be a great way to showcase your product. Just make sure you are also sharing relatable content through personal stories
as well.

3.) Treat Audience Like Friends To Increase Website Engagement

reach out to your audience. Accept them.
Don’t be afraid to engage them in the comment section.
Tell them you value their opinions.
How you do it isn’t as important as that you do it. Make your readers feel valued through personal engagement, and they will in turn interact more with

4.) Blend Authority Figures Into Your Content

Whether or not we should, we tend to give authority status to celebrities.
These are people who fascinate us and whose lives we would like to emulate. For that reason, using a celebrity to endorse your brand is wise.
This one act will improve the perception of your brand.
It makes your brand instantly recognizable and trustworthy.

6.) Leave Them Hanging To Increase Website Engagement

We’re human and are naturally curious beings.
We want to know what is going to happen. We also want to know all the dirty little secrets that might be out there.
That’s what makes us come back for more.
Write a piece of content that communicates one secret of your industry readers won’t know.
Then, promise more next week.
Make sure you follow through if you do promise some inside info.
Also, make sure that your “secrets” or inside info is factual and isn’t something that is well known. It makes people mad to expect a secret only to get
information they already knew.

As you can see from the list above, there are several ways to increase website engagement.

Perhaps not all the tips will work for you or are applicable.

However, if you use even a few, you are sure to increase the activity on your site and see a positive spike in engagement from your customers/audience.