Importance of Mobile Strategy in Your Business Success

17, Mar 2016

It’s no secret that the right mobile strategy for any business is crucial to its success. Mobile devices are now more popular than the desktop, but multiple devices need to be considered when working on a strategy.

A recent report from suggests that there isn’t a simple solution. The right strategy is a combination of elements that all need to be addressed to create a cohesive experience.

The benefits of a strong mobile strategy may seem obvious, but what are the facts? A recent Google report suggests nearly three-quarters of mobile users prefer a mobile-friendly site. However, it also revealed that 96 per cent had encountered a site not designed for the small screen. These figures alone do not
fully encompass the current state of the site strategies, but are a good pointer.

How does a mobile unfriendly web presence reflect on the site and how does it affect user behaviour? The answer seems obvious. Users encountering a poor site are more likely to leave and look for a site that embraces mobile. This in turn suggests that mobile-unfriendly sites will lose out on business. The
Netbiscuit report states that 72 per cent of users are more likely to recommend a retailer if their experience is good. Additionally, 58 per cent are more likely to visit the same destination again.

So what are the keys to achieve success? Speed, functionality and ease of use are three fundamental areas that need to be addressed. A slow-loading site is a definite no. If using a responsive design, check on image sizes as needed, as these can be bandwidth intensive. Checking that all functions and features
work correctly and ensuring usability is perfected are a few ways to encourage success. Remember a fast-loading site that can’t be used is as useless as a slow– loading site that is easier to use.

Essentially, optimise everything, cut out the unnecessary and just appeal to your audience – simple!